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Would you like to get great new products for free or at a reduced price, test them and then keep them? – Then become an AmzPlus Product Tester. Free of charge and without any obligation. Simply sign in directly with your Facebook account, everyone is welcome and can participate immediately.
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Here's how it works:

1. Apply

First, browse through the available deals and apply for a suitable product.

2. Purchase

You will receive a unique discount code and with that order the product on Amazon.

3. Testing

Now you can test the product extensively and write a review if you like.
100% free of charge and without obligation.

What is a product test deal?

With our product test deals you receive new products with a high discount or even completely free of charge. Our cooperating dealers will provide you with their products with high discounts to test the market and get feedback. To participate meaningfully, you need an Amazon account and, if possible, an Amazon Prime subscription.

Do I have to pay or give anything in return?

No, all our deals are completely free of any constraints or obligations. But every retailer would be happy to receive feedback and an honest product review on Amazon.
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